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TesApp is a project offering digital education ressources.

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Digital Learning:

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TesApp is a project offering digital education ressources. Teachers can easily manage classes, exercises and tests and save work. Students instantly ret their scores after working on exercises of any subject.

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Why TestApp?

Using TestApp you can easily manage your student’s performance.

Random Tests

Always the best practicing exercises by personalized algorithms.

Join Tests

Time limited tests in class like analogue vocabulary tests.

Control your exercises

All teachers collaboratively create and edit exercises.


Without any manual review techers and students instantly get their results on tests or topics.

Using whiteboards

Using moder whiteboards students can use TestApp in class for solving exercises.

Home schooling

TestApp is optimized for home schooling. Assign your students to exercises and subjects, get their results.


TestApp is using privacy by default. We do not collect any information we do not need, do not sell any data and do not analyze our users.

How to get started?

TestApp offers different ways to be used. How would you like to use it?

As individual

As an individual student TestApp is free for use. You can just sign up and get free access to our education ressources. Just download TestApp for your mobile phone or open our web app on your computer.


As teacher

If you are a teacher and heard of TestApp you can try TestApp for free. If you just want to check out how to use TestApp, simply sign up without selecting a school during registration progress. If you want to check out TestApp for future use in your whole school, please follow school’s instructions.


As school

If you are a school and decided to use TestApp, you may register your school for TestApp via your school sign up form. If you only want to check out some features please follow the teacher’s instructions.


As public institution supporting a school

For public institutions supporting schools we do not offer automated registration. Please contact us via the contact form below and get extra features like automated sign up of several schools and discount.


Open source

If a public institution pays for software it should be clear that they should have access to the source code too. That’s why TestApp is 100% open source. You can freely host your own server.


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TesApp is available on almost every kind of device. We even support deprecated and outdated mobile phones.


It’s our mission to modernize education.

In the past twenty years almost everything changed. Things we used to do on paper we now do digitally all over our lifes. Unfortunately, our education system remained mostly analogue. TestApp tries to fill this gap by starting an online platform for education ressources in 2017.

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Education is a basic need. Basic needs are free.

Education is the foundation of every equal and successfull soceity. That’s why we offer all our ressources for free reuse. Every school who can not afford TestApp might apply for discount or free access on TestApp.

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